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Residential & Commercial Cleaning Services in Calgary, AB

Our cleaning services are highly detailed and comprehensive. Below is an outline of the steps we take when cleaning our customers’ homes and commercial locations.
Countertops/backsplash cleaned (items removed & replaced)
Stove top cleaned
Trash emptied
Sinks scrubbed(including behind sinks) and left shining
Outside of oven and refrigerator cleaned
Microwave cleaned (inside & outside)
Floor mopping
All areas dusted top/front (items removed & replaced)
Mirrors cleaned
Window sills wiped
Fingerprint wiped from woodwork, doors, switchplates
Vacuum under bed (if accessible) and deodorizer/air freshener
Trash emptied
Baseboard brushed/dusted
Cobwebs removed
Overall Apperance left neat and tidy
Tub/sinks/tile/chrome/vanity tops/sills scrubbed and left shining
Toilet (and surrounding area) scrubbed and left shining
Mirrors clean
Sills wiped down
Trash empited
Baseboard / floors vacuumed
Area rugs taken outside and shake
Shower head as needed
Inside oven cleaning +25$
Inside fridge cleaning +25$
Inside cabinets +20$
Hand wash blinds +20$

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